Highly reliable B2B contact database

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Highly reliable B2B contact

Populating your CRMs or automation tools with enriched data
becomes easier than ever

Get Leads by job title, location, company name, industry,
team size to get to high-quality leads. Pull accurate & actionable contact
data for your prospecting needs.

  • Ø  LinkedIn
    accounts you want to go after and need their emails?
  • Ø  Keep this data if you need or export it to CSV and use in your CRM or automation
  • Ø  We provide a decent worldwide coverage and high-caliber data accuracy.
  • Ø  Try and assure coverage criteria befits your business.
  • Ø  The data we provide originates from only official and legal sources. We have the
    whole team working on ensuring the data you have at hand only contributes to
    your growth and never comes from unreliable illegal sources.
  • You can fully rely on our support team. We will do our best to assist you.

How much do I pay for one

You pay $10 for 1000 contacts

 Are these legal?

Yes, we collect only business-related data. It is not that
sensitive information as, for example, browser history or financial
information. We have the whole legal department monitoring possible changes in
law and ensuring alignment with GDPR requirements.


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