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Wondering how to promote your affiliate link and get

Advertising affiliate links is such a hard job.
Many sites don’t even accept them.

This gig is the right choice for you if:

You’re an affiliate marketer or if you want to
promote your own affiliate program.

You don’t know how to get more exposure for your
affiliate link.

100% Manual Work! No Blackhat Methods! No
Automatic Backlinks!

Package includes:


 I will advertise your affiliate
link in a banner directory including banner creation

 I will advertise it with
a simple HD video (up to 30 seconds)

 I will advertise it
on some of the best classified directories in the US

I will use call to action +
your link/hyperlink


1. What do you need from me to get started?

Your affiliate link (one link to a website in
English). I will do the rest. If you want to use a specific title and
description, please provide them. If you have any special requirements, please
contact me first.

2. Will I get traffic, sales, signups,
downloads etc.?

I always try hard to create a memorable customer
experience with great campaigns and maximum exposure on different platforms,
but I can’t force people sign up, take action or place an order. If you’re looking
for guaranteed and/or overnight results, please skip this gig and contact other

3. Consider this gig as part of your
marketing mix?

There are many types of digital marketing and
digital marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t just order a
service (my gig or other service), spend some cash, do nothing and wait for
results. Be proactive. Take every chance you get to develop your successful
marketing mix strategy.

4. What do you do?

I provide extra exposure for your affiliate
business on different platforms. My services include banner creation and
advertising, short and simple video creation for marketing purposes and
promotion, and classified ads.

5. Why should I order from you?

1. All my work is manual. 2. 24 Hour Delivery
Available. 3. I always deliver on time and I’ve never been late. 4. I always do
my best for my customers. 5. Quality Over Quantity. That’s why you will never
see a large number of orders in my queue.

6. Do you provide a tracking link?

I do not provide tracking links and I do not
offer web traffic. Usually such “tracking links” are used and provided by
people who use software to generate and drive bot visitors. All my work is
manual, I provide all proofs of delivery and you can get access to the
materials at any given time.

7. Order policy, satisfaction, refunds?

We always do best for customers, deliver on time
and as described. * NO FREE WORK POLICY * I DO NOT REFUND delivered orders. You
can share your experience by providing feedback. Should you have any questions
before placing an order of after that, please let me know asap.



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